blood analysis

Do you wonder what the underlying cause might be?

* Are you experiencing fatigue and low energy?

* Do you have inexplicable joint or muscle pain?

* Do you have inexplicable joint or muscle pain?

* Do you have digestive symptoms that persist despite a healthy lifestyle and diet?


                   The 30-minute session is completed with one drop of blood to determine 

            if  you have any of the following: 

      *poor digestion       *parasites        *various forms of bacteria

*vitamin deficiencies       *free radical damage

*liver, lung and colon toxicity

*and much more…

                   What Is Nutritional Blood Analysis?  (Live Cell Microscopy)

Nutritional Blood Analysis is a unique test that’s done with a single drop of blood placed under a microscope. You see a living picture of your blood on a monitor screen while the test is being conducted.

 How Can You Benefit from Nutritional Blood Analysis?

The technician analyzes the blood and points out the health and nutritional status of those blood cells. The test will educate you on the proper functions of the digestive system, and discuss any anomalies and deficiencies in the blood, providing you an excellent opportunity to improve your health through  proper diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.

   The condition of your blood determines the condition of our health.

  The blood is the medium in which all cells of the body are bathed from birth until death. The oxygen and nutrients that are delivered by the blood promote life and determine longevity.


Anything foreign, including chemicals, bacteria, viruses, undigested food particles, fungi, parasites, fat plaque, free radicals, and uric acid crystals, all promote poor health, poor quality of life, and at times, premature death.


Katy Palmer FDN-P

Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner

* Certified Live Blood Analyst

* Bachelor degree in Psychology

* Certified Herbalist

* Experience with food preparation for multiple food sensitivities

* Creating a line of natural skin care products

* 4 years in health food/ alternative medicine industry

* Formulating herbal supplements

* Healthy Meal Planning on a budget

Find out how diet and supplements can make a lasting  change on the state of your blood

AND the state of your health.

Have your blood analyzed and start your journey to better health! 

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