How We See Health


Nadia  (Natural Health Shop Associate) sees health as:

Health is very important to avoid many problems. Without health we accomplish zero. If we sick all the time, make us struggle. We can’t work, can’t do anything. Health means everything to all human beings, and animals.”

People tend to not trust their intuition when it comes to their health. Too many voices surround us, trying to grab our attention about what could be killing us or making us tired, as well as depressed. How can we define being in good physical and mental shape? The one thing we can all agree on is a healthy life for ourselves and our love ones.

Medical Definition of health. 1 : the condition of an organism or one of its parts in which it performs its vital functions normally or properly : the state of being sound in body or mind. Health | Definition of Health by Merriam-Webster,

Doctors see health as a web of chemistry, and physical processes. By breaking the body down into parts, they can use standardized sets of numbers to determine if disease exists. They get these numbers by using tests to determine if our health is, well, healthy. These tests use lipid levels, blood sugar counts, weights, and other numbers for many different physical processes. The challenge in using these tests is that we each are truly unique individuals. Our lives, our environments, our experiences, are uniquely ours. In a family, individuals share a genetic history, but no one, even from the same parents, are completely similar. The tests and charts can be used as guides. Unfortunately, they tend to be controversial, and aren’t always the complete truth. A good example of how science advances understanding is in the article below. Turns out age plays a big part in how blood pressure numbers should be read. Healthy blood pressure readings aren’t static numbers we once thought they were. Is there a chance that heath may not have a static definition?

This article is on blood pressure studies in the elderly.

Bobby  (Natural Health Associate) sees health as,

Health is the balance between mental, physical and emotional well-being. There are many components to good health. Proper Diet, exercise and supplementation are all important factors to help achieve this goal.”

In alternative medicine, the definitions of health can contain a different view of us as healthy people. Our awareness of our bodies, and minds, is extremely important in guiding us to being in good physical shape. All the tests in the world can’t truly define our experience of physical well- being. Determining health can be described as how Natural Health Shop’s owner,

Dia sees health as,“Optimum health revolves around a harmonious balance of physical, mental and social well-being. It includes a body which is free from chronic inflammation of disease. It includes a clear, calm mind. It includes a healthy environment low in toxins and pollution and a large dose of positive social interactions.”

Personal experience is extremely important. Finding gentle, loving ways to support our physical lives can be as simple as studying how herbs and supplements support us as we reach for our life goals. The information is out there. Protecting yourself from stress related diseases can be as simple as taking supplements and herbs to calm down the inflammation from everyday stress. Helping the body to cleanse internally and rebuild on a cellular level can go a long way to preserving well-being.

Jenavieve  (Natural Health Shop associate, and Certified Master Herbalist from Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing)

To me, ‘health’ is the ability to live a happy life that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually pain-free.”

Check in on your mental and physical condition. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Use the information from the tests wisely. Above all else, learn how your body works, and what healthy is for you.

Our customers, and our own experiences with healing have shown that the following products have the potential to help to promote health in people’s lives. If you have any questions, please come by Natural Health Shop.

  1. Drink plenty of alkaline water.

Examples: Mountain Valley water, or Crazy Water.

Our bodies need to stay in a certain pH range and be hydrated for optimal cellular activity.

  1. Eat plenty of whole foods. A good organic source of protein, fiber in the form of organic grains, fruit, vegetables.

Example: Vegetarians, and Vegans can find meat substitutes in the Worthington and Loma Linda products.

Not Vegetarian: Chisholm brand: Organic, grass fed beef

  1. A good multi vitamin supplement ensures you have the nutrition you need.

Life’s Fortune or To Your Health Multi provide basic formulas that anyone can take and see a difference in how they feel.

  1. Consume plenty of greens, getting enough can be a problem. Two products that can help are:

Green Vibrance, or Divine Health Supreme Greens.

Both provide fiber, phyto-nutrients, and many other benefits. Start the day with a green drink, and a feeling of

positive energy.

  1. Probiotics are essential to good digestion, the key to long, healthy lives.

Dr. Ohiria’s Probiotoics, probiotics that were grown, for three years, on fermented fruits, vegetables, mushrooms. Highly active cells for your gut health.

A great foundation for gut health, and good digestion.

  1. Enzymes break down the food so we can absorb our nutrients better.

Dynamic enzymes, or Enzymedica provide active, essential enzymes for our digestion and physical repair.

  1. Essential fatty acids for lubrication of joints, cardiovascular health, skin health, and much more.

Nordic Naturals 369 has a combination of fish oil, and plant oils to provide a complete omega experience.

  1. Fresh air and sunshine. Take the shoes off and walk across green grass. We all need out door time.
  1. Move, enjoy moving. Several products are great to help with the joy of physical movement.

Execelcor (systematic enzymes) for breaking down inflammation

Baxyl (special kind of hyaluronic acid) for lubrication and repair of joints

Genecole (combination of several types of collagen) rebuilding of connective tissue

Robert’s, friend and customer’s reply when asked, what is health, “Live Long and Prosper.” From Mr. Spock, from Star Trek

Enjoy your time with the Earth and the people around you. Let us, at Natural Health Shop, help you reach your goals.

Laura (Natural Health Shop Associate)