Natural Health Shop,  in Richardson Texas, is an unusual place. We are one of the few remaining family-owned health stores in Dallas. Not only are we privately owned and managed, we also strive to carry unique and hard to find items. We will do what we can to assist each of our customers in their journey to a healthier, happier way of living.

Several years ago, the family realized that small health stores were disappearing. Not only were they disappearing, but a way of service and care was disappearing too as larger commercial stores began taking over the supplement business. We realized that a variety of unique and specialty products were becoming scarce. The knowledge, experience, care and attention to detail often found at smaller stores was also disappearing as more and more mom and pop shops closed down.

We decided that we did not want to see a way of business that we loved being lost, so we opened Natural Health Shop and focused on providing the kind of service that only a local store could. We source the best products that we can find. We search for unique products that bring local value and fill the more specialized needs of our customers.

Since we have opened, many people have come into Natural Health Shop, and many have become good friends, as they have explored what we have to offer. We are looking forward to many more years of serving the community with our unique products and personalized service. We also are looking forward to meeting the new people we haven’t discovered yet. Come, see what you can find at Natural Health Shop, Richardson Texas. We would love to share with you our products and help you with your health needs.