Elderberry Concentrate



Wyldewood Cellars - From the Farm to You! In 1988 Wyldewood Cellars began commercializing the acres of elderberries growing wild on our family farm to produce quality wine, jelly, and other elderberry products we had seen in Europe. After 7 years of plant selection and product development, we established our winery in 1995, and our customers proved that the “noxious weed” was actually a very valuable alternative crop. To fill the increasing demand of elderberries we worked with local farmers, Kansas State University, and the University of Missouri to develop the cultivation of elderberries as an alternative cash crop. These efforts resulted in the first International Symposium on Elderberries in June 2013. We have developed three new elderberry varieties acclimated to the Midwest: Wyldewood 1, Wyldewood 2, and Marge, and all are top producers in University production trials. The Marge variety is the first cross between the European and America varieties

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