Floradix Kinder Love Gluten-Free Formula 8.5 Fl. Oz



Key Nutrients for Building Strong Kids!

Children are at risk for nutrient deficiency because they grow so quickly. Faced with the challenge of their children's busy schedules, highly refined and nutrient poor foods, erratic eating patterns and fussy appetites, caring parents can find assurance with Kinder Love®, a premium quality liquid multivitamin that offers parents a simple, safe and effective solution to growing children's daily nutritional needs.

Unlike tablet and chewable multivitamins, Kinder Love® is a delicious tasting liquid vitamin formula that does not need to be broken down by the body before the active ingredients can be released and absorbed. Young children's digestive systems are not fully developed, so it is difficult for them to assimilate the nutrients contained in solid vitamins. This liquid multivitamin is easier to swallow than solid pills, fun to take and can even be mixed with their favorite juice or beverage.

Key Features
Each serving size (10 ml) of Kinder Love® contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E as well as the key minerals calcium, magnesium and phosphorus Thoughtfully prepared in a pure food base of delicious fruit juices, aqueous herbal and vegetable extracts, maple syrup, honey, rosehip and other nutritious extracts
Contains mild digestive herbs to improve absorption and stimulate appetite, and also pH balanced to enhance proper stomach acidity for maximum absorption
Free of alcohol, dairy, lactose, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives
Tested to guarantee there are no heavy metals, pesticides and radiation
All vegetarian liquid formula
Packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles
Certified Kosher
Delicious fruit taste that children love

Key Benefits
Kinder Love® Children's Multivitamin is formulated to offer optimum calcium which is vital for a child's growing bones and for developing strong teeth* Magnesium assists calcium in building bone strength and ensures the body properly utilizes calcium*
Vitamin D is added for proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus and is essential for healthy bones and teeth*
Vitamin A helps to maintain immune function*
Naturally occurring carotenes provide antioxidant support that benefit immune, skin and eye function*
Iron free for best calcium absorption*
Antioxidants for a healthy immune system*


Studies show that not only are today's kids not getting enough calcium (only 19% of girls and 52% of boys), but they're also not getting other critical co-factors in their diets for bone growth.*(1) This is leaving health experts concerned. After all, the quality and quantity of bone laid down in childhood will strongly impact bone health later in life and 90% of bone mass is laid down by the age of 17.* (2,3)

1. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
2. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 1996. 15(6): p. 570-574.
3. American Journal of Nutrition, 1991. 54: p. 261S-265S.

Not Intended As Medical Advice.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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