Starwest Sassafras Root Bark Powder 4 oz



Sassafras Root Bark (Sassafras albidum)

Sassafras Root Bark or Sassafras albidum also known as cinnamon wood is available in whole or ground into powder. This bulk herb stands out with its great aroma. Sassafras Root Bark has been used for centuries in and around Louisiana and Mississippi. As far as natural herbs go, Sassafras Root Bark is one of the most important dried herbs to have in your collection.

Quality bulk herbs like Sassafras Root Bark can be found here in powder or whole form and offer you variety for your natural herbs needs. The oil is regulated which is why powder or whole Sassafras Root Bark is the perfect option for many who find a use for it.

Starwest is a leader in wholesale organic herbs and is one of the best bulk herb suppliers to look for all your bulk organic herbs needs. We have herbs in bulk form for sale like sassafras albidum available to you and can ship quickly to your door.

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