Yoanna Skin Care Aloe Milk Cleanser



Gluten Free and Vegan

Recommended for most skin types – Combination & Normal.

(Deep cleanses skin and helps remove eye makeup.)

A formulation of 60% Organic Aloe Vera (believed to possess antiseptic, astringent, emollient and healing properties) gives this rich foaming cleanser a plus in its excellent ability to deep-cleanse pores. This unique cleanser is also especially effective as a shaving lotion for men and women in sensitive areas.

The Organic Aloe Vera acts as a balm to the skin and helps prevent rashes, nicks, and bumps resulting from shaving. This Aloe Vera cleanser is so gentle that women can remove their eye makeup with it.

Color Therapy Value:

Green is used to help enhance vibrations of soothing and cleansing. Green is made with natural Chloride Copper Complex, which is Chlorophyll and Copper PCA

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