Yoanna Skin Care Aloe Papaya Camomile Exfoliator



Gluten Free and Vegan

Recommended for Oily and Combination Skin.

(Reduces discoloration dramatically, especially on purple/pink scars caused by acne.)


This light, non-greasy water-based moisturizer, combined with soothing astringent cucumber and Organic Aloe Vera, builds the moisture an oily skin lacks.

With the additional benefits and reflective properties of Pearl Powder, this moisturizer acts as a natural sunscreen. Discoloration from acne, scarring and sunspots will start to fade which all help to achieve a flawless complexion and to give the skin a rejuvenating look.

Color Therapy Value:

Light green color therapy is used to enhance a soothing, healing vibration, which is especially effective for problem skin. Light green is made by combining Bee Pollen and Azulene (a derivative of chamomile).

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