Yoanna Skin Care Vitamin E Oil



Gluten Free and Vegan

Reduces lines and wrinkles and replenishes and nourishes dry areas on the skin.

Known to help heal scars, burns, and fight free radicals, it is combined with Avocado and Sesame oil, which contains 17 different nutrients including vitamins that are antioxidants, which helps bring oxygen to the skin.

All skin at times becomes dehydrated, especially under the eyes, as there are no oil glands under the eyes. It must be replenished with oils that are closest to our own natural oils. This light oil will penetrate only where skin cells need lubrication, helping to prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, especially under the eyes.

It makes a wonderful supplement, providing more nourishment for the skin on the face before moisturizing. It alleviates dry patches for oily and combination skin; therefore, a heavier moisturizer can be avoided. Many women apply this healing oil during pregnancy because it helps prevent stretch marks.

It is so light that it doesn’t clog pores, leave residue or cause eye areas to become puffy. It allows make-up to flow over skin easily. It is especially effective for men to use after shaving to normalize skin.


Apply every night and day after toning, on lips, under eyes, and at night on eyelids and eyelashes to condition. Apply on face all over as a supplement if dry or where dry patches occur before moisturizing. It’s everyone’s favorite oil.

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